370 RH evo Audio Grade IEC Connector

  • Audio Grade
  • WattLock terminals - Heavy duty wire capture box
  • Accepts 8 to 14 awg wire
  • Accepts 19mm cable diameter
  • 2.5mm Hex socket hardware
  • All Polycarbonate design
  • All non-magnetic materials
  • Phosphor bronze contacts
  • WATTGATE Four Layer Plating Process*
  • 7A/250VAC
  • 10A/125VAC
*WATTGATE Four Layer Plating Process
1. Oxygen free copper plating
improves conductivity
2. Electroless nickel plating
necessary to prevent the leeching of the copper through the pure gold layer
3. 24k gold plating
improves conductivity
4. Pure Rhodium plating
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370 rh evo contact
WattLock Box Detail
370 rh evo funnels

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